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Essie Di Lucca’s tragic ending will change Holby City forever

Holby City’s Essie Di Lucca is currently at the centre of one of the show’s most heartbreaking plots – and given how much tragedy and sorrow that hospital has seen, this is quite a statement. After previously battling ovarian cancer, Essie’s illness returned and her condition is now terminal.

Every on-screen demise of any character provokes an emotional reaction with avid viewers; but Essie’s loss will have a long-lasting impact on the show.

Arriving on the wards as Nurse Harrison back in 2014

How Killing Eve can reclaim its former glory in season 4

The BBC have announced Killing Eve's fourth series will be its last, with filming due to begin this summer after the previous instalment aired in 2020 and ended with Eve and Villanelle reluctantly heading their separate ways following a dramatic reunion.

Although full of strong performances and the trademark wit that is part of its charm, the third season struck a different tone. It left us craving more excitement as the original narrative grew stale. So there are a few changes the show needs t

Staged shouldn't get a third season – here’s why

Lockdown comedy Staged returned to BBC One this month with eight more short episodes. Focusing on actors as they navigate their way through the country’s pandemic-induced restrictions, series two continued the narrative with a different (meta) approach. There has been no word yet on a possible third instalment, but the show really shouldn't get one.

Staged follows David and Georgia Tennant and Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg, who all star as exaggerated versions of themselves, communicating via

Fiz and Tyrone’s relationship crisis is Coronation Street at its classic best

Coronation Street’s latest dramatic storyline resulted in a betrayal which rocked Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) relationship. Tyrone recently grew closer to Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) and Fiz discovered that they had shared a kiss. The fall-out was explored by returning to the soap’s roots, in a captivating scene reminiscent of its early era.

Having been humiliated when Tyrone failed to summon any enthusiasm for the surprise wedding she had booked, Fiz was de

Stephen Mulhern deserves his own variety show after the success of In For a Penny

From assisting Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway to hosting game show Catchphrase, popular presenter Stephen Mulhern has been boosting our spirits over the past year. He fronts a selection of television shows for ITV, including the soon to return In For a Penny and last year’s new addition Rolling In It.

Yet given his flexible skill set, Stephen could easily run his very own variety programme, designed to move away from the quiz show element.

We love watching his work in this genre; and h

EastEnders needs to rest the Mitchell family's gangster plots

The Mitchells have been an iconic presence in EastEnders for decades, with Phil's son Ben teaming up with him in recent years to continue the 'family business'.

Their enduring soap legacy is unwavering, but now these gangster exploits have become a tired tradition. With the duo showing no sign of slowing down, it's about time they were given a break from the same old antics.

Every run-in with the "Old Bill" ends with Phil and Ben managing to outsmart them. Their trusty solicitor Ritchie Scott

EastEnders isn't letting us down if Ben and Callum's wedding is social distanced

EastEnders’ favourites Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) became engaged earlier this year. And it looks like the big day is on its way fairly soon, as new photos showed the cast all dressed up for the occasion.

Sadly, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic likely means the usual intimacy involved in filming a soap wedding won’t be possible, which has left some fans feeling a bit disappointed. But the show must go on, and EastEnders is not letting anyone down by pushing ahead.

Junior Bake Off is far superior to the regular show

When 14-year-old Erin presented a Loch Ness monster entirely constructed out of bread on Junior Bake Off, I was in awe.

Every detail was immaculate, with the creature even sculpted to look like it was emerging out of water; I never knew bread could do so much more than sit horizontally.

Erin is just one of many contestants currently wowing us in the latest series, which features several gifted young bakers. Yet their talent is lacking the recognition it deserves.

This is particularly unfair w

Hollyoaks' Silas twist has saved the McQueens' blackmail story

Hollyoaks' McQueen family have been under pressure in recent weeks, as their lives were disrupted by a blackmailer over their 'Seven Deadly Sins'. As the mystery began, it didn't quite have the impact we were expecting. But the shock twist that serial killer Silas Blissett is behind everything has been a game changer for the storyline.

The past few weeks have seen Mercedes, Sylver and the rest of their clan conducting several meetings in The Dog pub. After they received a series of cryptic text

The Duchess on Netflix doesn't need a season 2

Katherine Ryan's comedy drama The Duchess premiered on Netflix last week, with an unpredictable plot and hilarious one-liners. Ryan's character, who shares her name in the show, is a single mother to 9-year-old daughter Olive (brilliantly played by young actress Katy Byrne), the only person she puts above herself in an otherwise selfish life. The series easily delivers a laugh a minute alongside gentler, more poignant moments.

The creator, writer and star has already revealed that she hopes to

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